Saturday 6th November 2021



I wasn’t quite ready for an update but this notification popped up on my phone the other day…

So I thought seeing as there is still a handful of you remaining, checking in now and then, reading archived posts and asking me wagwan I would drop by quickly.

So firstly Thailand, I was hoping traveling restrictions would have eased and I would be grinding on a beach in Koh Samui by now but they haven’t (at least not completely) and here I still am in London.

Quarantine periods have gradually been reduced and even though it’s now down to just one night in Bangkok you have to stay in these so-called Test and Go Hotels allocated by the government, you also need to apply and meet the requirements for a Thailand Pass to be granted entry into the country.

I am going to give it a little longer, no rush, I can’t be dealing with all this red tape, holla at me when all I need to worry about is the weight of my luggage!

Poker-wise, plodding along at The Hippo, slowly but consistently moving in the right direction…

After a couple of solid months at the tables and through living very frugally off them (even more so than I usually do!) I am once again touching distance away from moving up to £2-£5, whether I shot the tough £2-£5 games in London or go to America to fire the softer line ups there will be my next big decision.

In addition to ~150 hours a month live, I have been putting in the same amount of hours online, continuing to battle away at $50NL and $100NL, well, I win at $50NL, move up, get smashed at $100NL, move down, rinse and repeat…

Can you spot where the $100NL Russian lads first caught up with me? Oh, fond memories!

I am confident eventually I will break through $50NL, I am still thoroughly enjoying the challenge, and the 60% in rakeback rewards I have been clearing from Pokerstars for the volume I put in has covered my monthly outgoings so both my live and online bankrolls have steadily grown even through these failed $100NL shots.

Health and well-being? I am healing, I am in a much better place mentally, prioritizing sleep, nutrition and exercise over everything, I am starting to feel good again man.

So Thailand is on hold but still very much on the books, $2-$5 in LA or Vegas soon? Maybe, WSOP 2022 next summer? 100%!

But for now, you can find my nitty ass on Table 10, Seat 5.

As always, thank you for following and good luck at the tables!

Monday 2nd August 2021


I’m out (for a bit).

Next update will be from Ko Samui, Thailand, from this exact spot…

I will fill in all the gaps in the story including results then, I’ll still be grinding away (switching back my focus predominantly online) but I won’t be blogging.

Until then if you need a live poker blog fix I’d highly recommend Sam’s blog, he is basically an a lot less nittier version of me, significantly more emotionally stable and debatably runs as good as I do, if you want to see how he crushes the games at The Hippodrome check out his content!

I just need to knuckle down, keep my head down and do me for a bit, things have been going well at the tables but away from them I am feeling very fragile.

I know it’s just another wave I need to ride that’s all.

See you on the other side.

Saturday 24th July 2021


Here is a quick, short story from yesterday, it’s more LOL than interesting but still I thought I’d share.

So 12pm table draw goes up on the screen, table 17, seat 1, I go over to my table and take my seat, we are 3 handed to start the day, most the tables around the room are short too, a combination of players who already bought in arriving late or new arrivals gradually registering.

To my immediate left is an old friend, a cash game pro in the London high stakes scene, I haven’t seen him in ages and as we take turns to raise and take it (or in my case, fold) we catch up and generally chew the fat.

Eventually an Asian dude sits down and my friend welcomes him warmly and jokes ‘Noooow we got a game!’.

As this Asian dude proceeds to play every single hand he is dealt including the napkins the waitress brings over with his green tea he tells my friend he had 200k in the last level of the first flight the previous night and how he got very, very unlucky and somehow busted, there is remnants of a hand history, my friend is consoling.

15 minutes in Asian dude doubles, folds around to his small blind, he limps 85o, big blind makes it 400 (at 100-100), he calls, flop 85Txxx, he check raises to ~3k, big blind calls, turn is a brick and he jams for ~20k effective, big blind tank calls with JTo, brick river, up to 40k, easy game.

Shortly after he opens in EP, my friend 3bets him on the button, there is a cold call out the small blind and the Asian dude also calls, A76cxx flop, small blind donks, both Asian dude and my friend calls, turn Jc, action checks to my friend who bets, both call, there is chunks in the middle now, river 2c, checks to my friend who bets, small blind check raises all in, Asian dude taaaaaaank jams, Asian dude and my friend are slightly deeper so there will be a side pot if my friend calls, he does call, small blind has A9cc for the nuts to scoop, Asian dude has J7o and my friend wins the small side pot with T8cc.

Asian dude is left with a starting stack, 20K, we are still in the first level, obviously after such a horrible cooler he is steaming and is open jamming pretty much every hand, eventually shortly before the start of level two there is an open, he shoves T5o into KK, busts and heads off to the cash desk to renter.

My friend tells me he is surprised to see him playing this tournament, apparently he plays nosebleed private games and is pretty well known in those circles.

He went on to tell me that this Asian dude was recently playing in a huge private game which was built around a very wealthy Russian ‘businessman’, huge, huge stakes.

Although the game originally was held at some neutral, secure location it was moved to this Russian whale’s house because, and hear this, the Russian dude couldn’t leave his residence because he was fitted with a tag! LOL! Fucking hell. Yeah, ‘businessman’ alright.

Anyway, the story goes one night the game broke but this Asian dude and this Russian guy played PLO heads up for 24 hours straight, mad battle for massive stakes apparently, when the dust settled Asian dude walked away up over £250,000!

However, 6 months later he still hasn’t been paid. Good luck getting that money bro.

He is chip leader of the Main Event going into Day 2.

Friday 23rd July 2021


I pretty much have been dealt out this tournament, coming back to play last two levels of the day with 9,300 at 400-800(800).

No moaning, it is what it is, 10 bigs, one hour clock, workable, obviously not fucking ideal but that’s the game game game.

Friday 23rd July 2021


Results since last update…

Net blog winnings (excluding online, since 27th June 2018):


GUKPT Main Event today at 12pm, Almighty Poker Lord, I haven’t been asking anything of you for some time now (mainly because I stopped cold calling hence set mining but still) but today please shed some light upon me and guide me to towards towers and towers of chips and safely to Day 2.